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Why you should have Coconut Oil in your Bathroom

Get hooked on coconut oil when you don’t like the smell of coconut has fabric. I already told you almost a year ago that for me it was the best makeup remover in the world but I did not tell you the rest of its multiple uses and properties. I’m not going to tell you all of them because you can consult many pages in which they are collected, but I do want to tell you what things I tried it for and what the result was.

MAKEUP REMOVER – I’m not going to repeat myself, but it’s great. As in winter it solidifies it is put with a butter-like texture, just take a little between your hands and massage the face with it. Makeup dissolves in a matter of seconds. Even the eyes, without irritation or itching. Remove with a muslin or cotton wipe and we can continue with the night cleaning.

BODY MOISTURIZER – For the body I like it a lot since it is a natural way to really hydrate the skin. For the face I also used it once but few cases and always in winter, when I notice the skin more lack of hydration. And a pea, don’t think I smear my face in oil 🙂

PRE-WASH HAIR MASK – Many people find it great to apply the oil from means to ends on dry hair and let it act. After a while you wash your hair thoroughly and apparently it is wonderfully hydrated, but it is not my case. I am greasy for the next 3 days. I tried it more than once but for this I don’t like it at all.

EXFOLIANT – If we put coconut oil in a bowl and add salt or sugar we have a homemade, natural and cheap exfoliant. I prefer sugar because the salt irritates me a little but we can also add other things, such as essential oils, honey, mint, lime, orange or other fruit scrapes, etc… To the taste of each one.

OIL-PULLING – and for the end the strangest. I do not know if you have read any article about this, but it is something that I wanted to try so much. And it is nothing more than fasting rinse with a tablespoon of coconut oil for 15-20 minutes to improve oral health. Apparently it reduces plaque, bacteria and a thousand other things but since I only tried it for a few days I have no idea if it works. I tell you as an anecdote and I tried it because it is not something harmful, but that something is not harmful does not mean that it brings us some kind of benefit.

* NOTE: I think it is important to buy a quality oil, that is: virgin, organic and unrefined, like the one you see in the photo. In fact it is cooking oil, but just for the kitchen is what I do not use it for… You have it on iHerb for 10 €. I also recommend this one.


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