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My Method to Whiten Teeth at Home

This may seem like a very weird post, perhaps the weirdest I’ve written so far, but it’s worth reading to the end, seriously. Because… who wouldn’t like to have whiter teeth? To my yes, and it is that I also get it naturally, with 0 sensitivity and good price.

The point is that one day browsing and browsing blogs I found a bleaching system with an ingredient: activated carbon, and with some before and after photos that left me amazed. I warn you that they are not very beautiful images. The first thing I thought was that they were retouched photos, but I kept looking for information and there were many good opinions so I was encouraged.

Activated or Active Charcoal is used in medicine as an absorbent in cases of poisoning or overdose, causing the stomach not to absorb toxic substances. It also has other home uses, such as taking it to avoid gas or bloating and in general as a detox remedy that absorbs impurities from the body… But it can not be taken happily, since for example if we are taking some type of medication can prevent the absorption of this and make it not work. What do you want me to tell you, all this gives me a little respect. The most I dare to take in capsules are brewer’s yeast for hair loss, and even so I prefer to take the flakes naturally. But with this method you do not have to ingest any product, and although there are many rare home remedies and we can not trust all this did not seem dangerous, the truth.

The process is as follows:

  • open a capsule and mix the contents (which is a black powder) with a little water.
  • With that we brush our teeth, occasionally wetting the brush in the mixture.
  • When we finish brushing our teeth, we let the product act for a few minutes before rinsing and brush again, but this time normal, with our usual toothpaste.
  • Rinse again and ready!

I assure you that my personal experience is that with a single use the whitest teeth are already noticeable. It is not as exaggerated as some of the photos I told you before, but it does show. It is as if the mixture absorbs the most superficial “dirt” from the teeth and leaves a lighter layer to light.

The point is that the result (at least in my case) is not maintained with the days, but if we want that effect we have to do it regularly, for example once a week. I do not do it anymore because as I say the capsule is a black dust that stains the sink enough and does not always want to get with that nuisance. In addition, although it is not harmful I do not want to abuse either.

There is very little you have to lose, and if it works for you you will be delighted. This is from the brand Nature’s Way, brings 100 capsules and costs € 6.45. If not, you can search a herbalist or other websites, such as Amazon.

Would you dare to try it? What’s the weirdest homemade trick you’ve ever done?

* I edit to clarify that I have no medical knowledge nor am I a dentist and this is just a home method that works in moderation for me. We are all adults to decide whether to try these kinds of things that obviously do not replace the opinion or care of a professional. If you have something to contribute on the subject (whether good or bad) do not hesitate to leave the information in a comment.


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