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How Much is too much?

I don’t know if it happens to you (sure it does) but from time to time I wonder why I have so much makeup and beauty products. If I focus on makeup, in my case I end up using the same products seasonally on a day-to-day basis, but just see a new foundation, a beautiful shadow (which you will end up using twice with luck) or the new collection of Charlotte Tilbury to want to continue increasing the collection.

Personally I consider that I have a very normal amount pulling down to be a person who enjoys all this and seeing the collections of many bloggers we could say that it is derisory. But do I need more? Obviously not, and on such banal issues we cannot even speak of necessity.

What I mean by all this is that I absolutely respect what everyone does with their money, there are those who enjoy having fifty different eye shadows, but realistically I would not at least have the opportunity to use them all, and finish them or talk. Because that’s another one… did anyone ever run out of an eye shadow? I never! I end up throwing them away over the years for a matter of hygiene and “renewal”.

So for months I made the decision not to buy any makeup until the end of the year, except for the “basic” things that are running out, such as concealer, mascara, foundation… It’s a matter of not wanting to accumulate and accumulate no matter how beautiful the new releases are. And buy less but more special products so to speak. For example, the last thing I bought months ago was Kevyn Aucoin’s Candelight illuminating powders.

Right now I have a couple of BB Creams, a couple of bases with different finishes, a couple of bronzers, palettes and shadows with which I have all the options I may need… And even though I have few blushes and lipsticks, I still have as much to wear a red lip as a nude.

The economic issue also influences, and right now I prefer to invest in facial care rather than makeup. In short, I think that how much is too much ends up being marked by each person and what they are used to. For someone who uses 5 products that fit in a toiletry bag mine will seem a lot, and when I see makeup collections on Youtube I stay dead…

To me now the body and the head ask me to simplify. And you, whether you are beauty bloggers or not, what do you think? How much is too much in terms of makeup?


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