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My Top 5 Face Brushes

I start by clarifying that I am not one to invest in brushes. I mean I don’t have any MAC, for example. And not because I would not like it (which yes, and a lot), but because I always find better things in which to spend the rooms. So my small but slick collection is basically made up of Real Techniques brushes with some intruder from Bdellium Tools and Ecotools.

That’s why when I say Top 5 face brushes I mean the 5 that I use yes or yes when I do a complete makeup. The ones I like the most, wow.

To apply the base I am hooked to the RT Buffing Brush. I also like the Stippling Brush but I have been parked for a long time by this one. I really like how the base or bb cream looks with it, natural and without cuts. With cat tongue type brushes the base is applied to me as stripes, although that may be because of my bad skill or the quality of the brush. Whatever it is, I am better at brushes of this style or skunk, with which I extend the base with fast and circular movements.

For bronzing powders I use the Complexion Brush from E.L.F. Cosmetics since it has an ideal size, neither too small nor huge like some powder brushes that cover your entire face in a single pass. It is also a little flat and beveled, not circular, so it is very comfortable to mark with powders areas such as under the cheekbone or temples. And for less than 3 €… what more can you ask for?

Another brush that I had quite on the side but that I use a lot since I have the Kevyn Aucoin illuminator is the Contour Brush from RT. I use it to apply the highlighter to the cheekbones and forehead. I would like to try another one because this one is quite firm but the truth is that it goes well. The other one that I also use to illuminate, but the small areas such as the nose, the arch of the eyebrows, the lacrimal and above the upper lip is the Deluxe Crease Brush (the violet in the photo). It is a brush for the eyes, but since I was not using it for that because it makes me a tad big, one day trying I discovered this other utility. Sometimes brushes end up serving for things other than what they were created for, doesn’t it happen to you?

And to finish the rouge, which I apply with the Blush Brush (yes, also RT), which as I told you still seems unnecessarily large, but it is so soft and leaves such a subtle result that I always end up using it.

I bought all the brushes at iHerb, since the price they set in drugstores at street level or on other websites is much higher. The two orange brushes belong to the face brush kit and the violet one to the eye brush kit. The kits are very good because they bring the basics, but there is always a brush that stays off the hook and is barely used. At least it happens to me.

Do you have any of these brushes? If you use, what are your basics?


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