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Short Hair

About ten months ago, I had a pretty traumatic salon experience. Essentially I left the salon with very little hair, even though I told the stylist that I wanted to keep the length. (Grr!) I’d been avoiding hairdressers until a few weeks ago, when I decided that it was finally time for a cut. Unfortunately, the ends of my hair were so damaged from a little bleaching experiment I did back in April that Ryan, my stylist, had no choice but to chop it all off. Weep!

Frustratingly enough, I’m back at square one with my hair plans! I’m a little frustrated that I spent a whole year growing it out – with all the ugly and awkward stages along the way – with nothing to show for it! And although long hair (or a chin-length bob, at least!) is still my goal, I have to admit that a pixie cut does look cute, and there are other benefits to having short hair, too. Here are some of my thoughts on the pros and cons of being a girl with short hair.

Pro: It’s quicker and easier to get ready
I used to spend anywhere up to an hour shampooing, conditioning, blow drying and styling my hair. As summer began creeping in, I would get all hot and bothered before even leaving the house! Now, I can’t believe how easy and simple it is to get ready. I can leave my hair to dry naturally, skip conditioner, and don’t have to wash it everyday. Yay!

Con: It doesn’t look or feel as feminine as long hair
This is debatable and mainly a matter of opinion, but it’s pretty widely accepted that long hair is feminine, and therefore more attractive. This is ridiculous, of course! Anyone worth your time won’t care if you have long hair, short hair, or no hair at all! It is worth bearing in mind, though, if you’re a “girly girl” – how attached are you to your long hair? Is it a big part of who you are?

Pro: It’s easier to grow out an unwanted colour
If you dye your long locks with a permanent colour that you end up hating, it’s very difficult (and damaging) to lift that colour from your hair using a chemical process – yes, even if you go to a salon! The easiest way to get rid of an undesired shade is to simply grow it out. This takes a long time for anyone, but the shorter your hair is, the sooner you’ll be rid of the undesirable shade!

Con: Styles are limited
Style options for short hair are a) smooth and sleek or b) ruffled and messy. That’s pretty much it! You can flip your fringe there and change a parting here, but the choices are extremely limited when compared to those with long hair. Not to mention that once you cut your hair, all of your lovely hairbands, ties and clips no longer have any use. Sad face!

If short hair is something you’re seriously considering, here are a few more things to think about…

blank Pull all of your hair back from your face and inspect your features, including your ears, neck, and jawline. If you have a pixie crop, all of this is going to be on show! Will you be comfortable with that, or do you tend to hide behind your hair?

blank Tell your friends and family about your intention and see what they say. They don’t have to have the final word, but if everyone’s reaction is to recoil in horror rather than gush enthusiastically, ask them why! Some truthful comments from honest friends can really help.

blank Another person to ask is, of course, your stylist! Many salons do free consultations, and you can chat to a hairdresser if you just pop in. See what the experts recommend, as they might suggest a different style of short hair that would suit you better.

blank Remember your hair type. If your locks are coarse and curly, will you be willing to spend two hours every morning styling them into a sleek bob a la Agyness Deyn? Be honest! Do you also have the time, money and inclination for frequent cuts?

blank Think about your clothes, too. When I first took my hair very short, some of my outfits suddenly looked different. For a while I felt like I had to wear skirts and dresses constantly – perhaps to remind the world that I was still a girl! – but now I’m comfortable with it.

What do you think of short hair on girls?


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