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Kevyn Aucoin Illuminating Powders: Are they worth it ?

I had wanted to have these illuminating powders, the Celestial Powder in the Candelight tone, for a long time, but I let that go for a couple of reasons.

∗ The first is that they are not cheap, and it seems that it is never time to spend (hopefully) € 40 on some illuminating powders. A very high price for only 3 grams of product.

∗ The second reason is that to buy them I waited for NET-A-PORTER to put free shipping costs, which can take half a year. I also do not like to rush when buying to check that I am safe and that it is not a passing whim. I prefer to let the boom go.

It is one of the products with more fame and positive reviews in beauty blogs and after having used it for months, I can say that everything read about it is true. I was used to using an Essence illuminator, but this has nothing to do with it. In fact, I think they cannot be compared because the effect they leave is totally different.

It is a very warm champagne illuminator (much more than it appears in the photo) with an incredible luminosity and nothing purplious. The powder is very fine and soft, and in fact at first you apply it and it is so natural that you wonder if it is worth it. And I think so, that’s what it’s about, that you notice the light it brings but without the product being an obvious glitter sticker on the skin. In addition, we can always load more or less according to the result we want.

In short, I do not regret at all having made the investment and I am using them more than I expected, because there is such a natural effect that they serve perfectly for day-to-day makeup. They say that Jorge de la Garza’s illuminating powders are practically the same and for about € 30, half of what Kevyn Aucoin’s cost on many websites.

I can not compare, but these seem to me a good buy for those who often use illuminator and go to amortize them. Otherwise they do not seem essential for the price they have or necessary even with all the good opinions of all the blogs in the world 🙂

Do you know these powders? Which ones do you use? Do you think it’s worth the investment?


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