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Wearing One Neutral


People think that wearing black all over is too gothic, but if you get it right, it can look incredibly chic, as demonstrated in these two fine examples from Chanel and Vicky B! Follow these tips and you’ll pull of an entirely dark outfit with panache.
Show a bit of skin
Combining a high neck, long sleeved top with a maxi skirt might make you look like a floating head! Whether you choose arms, legs or chest, show a little flesh – this will help break up the black, even if your skin tone isn’t all that pale.
Make sure your blacks match
Once you’ve owned an item of black clothing for a few months, the colour may begin to fade, and against newer black items, can look old and drab. Ensure all of your blacks are the same by dyeing the garment (if possible!) with a black machine dye. Instantly refreshed!
Mix textures and fabrics
Black in soft cotton may feel comfortable and hide a multitude of sins, but you could all too easily end up looking a little flat. Break up your blacks by combining different fabrics – lace, chiffon, patent, leather, and satin and silk, which will reflect the light and brighten your look.


This is look best tried in the summer, although it’s not exclusive to the warmer months – or only those with a tan – by any means!
Keep it simple
Whilst separates, tights and shoes in black may look chic, if you attempt this in white you run the risk of looking like a walking and talking washing powder advertisement. Keep your clothing minimal and simple – just a cute dress worn with white thong sandals and bare legs, par example.
Invest in the right underwear
White clothing can often look slightly transparent, so avoid showing more than you intended to by always making sure you have nude (not white!) underwear. Don’t think that wearing a thong, no matter what the colour, will help – it really doesn’t. Black thong + white linen trousers = very bad!
“Where’s the groom?”
If you insist on your all-white look manifesting itself in the form of an evening dress, think hard before you buy it – avoid too much volume, a long length or anything else that could make it look remotely like a wedding gown. Take care if you’re teaming it with white shoes and accessories!


All over black or white a little too much? Ease yourself into one-colour dressing with grey.
Mix different shades
Unlike black and white, grey comes in a variety of shades. Experiment with clashing violet hues, soft heather greys and dark, charcoal tones. Including a whole spectrum of greys can really help break up the look and can make wearing one neutral a cinch.
Add silver
Well, it’s a sort of a shiny version of grey! A strip of metallic silver will lift your all-grey outfit and keep you from looking washed out and flat. It’s best added as an accessory – a thin waist belt, a pair of strappy sandals, or a plain scarf with metallic thread running through it.
Use colourful cosmetics
Short, pink nails or a bright red lipstick with steer you from drab to delightful! Experiment with eyeshadow or use temporary colour on a chunk of your hair. If you think adding colour is cheating a little bit, why not add some neutral accessories, like pearls or clear plastic bangles?

Do you ever wear just one neutral?


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