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The 10 Best Clothing Purchases I’ve Ever Made

No exaggeration! Every time I reach into my wardrobe to put on one of the following garments or accessories, I’m so pleased that I bought them. Whether I bagged the last one available, forked over a substantial amount of cash or else stayed up until the wee hours of the morning getting into a bidding war on eBay, it was well worth the effort – every single time.

Red Beret
This 100% wool beret is from American Apparel and has become one of my signature accessories. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything too unusual about a red hat, but it’s certainly brought me a lot of attention (read: drunken men shouting incorrect French phrases) over the years! I think it would look better if I had longer hair, though – perhaps this winter!

Princess Coat
I love this coat! Everyone loves this coat! I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. It’s vintage (via eBay) and I didn’t pay much for it at all, considering it’s 70% wool. I think it was around £50 – maybe even less! The lining is shot and the buttons keep falling off, but I still love it and wear it all the time. It’s better than anything else I own, and I will keep it forever. Yep!

Christmas Jumper
I noticed that every year, my dad and my sister would wear their novelty knitted jumpers on Christmas Day. I wanted one too, but I decided to spend my money on a more stylish version which I could wear throughout winter. I found this pure wool jumper at Hobbs for a mere £34, and it’s a big hit! Everyone is amazed that such a cute “Christmas jumper” could exist. Win!

Leather Satchel
I bought this satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company and I’m so glad that I did. I use it all the time! It’s the smallest size they offer – 11 inches – but it holds enough for a quick shopping trip or a few drinks out with friends. I love its classic style, just like a school satchel, and the thick leather which is very durable. To put it simply, it’s perfect.

Full Skirt
As soon as this arrived, I fell in love with it and knew I would wear it for years. I wasn’t wrong! In fact, I wore it so much that when I saw it was reduced from £70 (the price I originally paid) to a miniscule £15, I bought a new one! I wasn’t too annoyed about ASOS reducing the price, since I had worn it so much up until then – I certainly got my money’s worth!

Ankle Boots
I was so relieved when I finally got these boots! After ASOS had sold out of my size, I took to eBay and checked the listings daily in the hope that I could find a pair. In the end, I got them shipped in from the US! They were sold as new with defects, but that was only a small nick at the back of one of the heels – which my dad patched up for me not long after I bought them!

Leather Jacket
Who knows where this vintage piece came from originally? It’s black leather, cropped, with a delicious amount of studs, zips and pockets – exactly what I had in mind when I began my hunt for the perfect black leather jacket. It was another eBay find, and I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for it, but it was around the £100 mark – not too bad for a lifelong investment!

Jaeger Clutch
This is the most recent of items I’ve come to own. My previous clutch was from Topshop, but the lining was torn and it was really starting to fall to pieces! I spied this cute little Jaeger clutch when it was priced at £150 – eek! – but after waiting patiently, it was reduced to £75, and then £45! For a classic leather clutch that I’ll use for years, it was an absolute bargain.

Red Skirt
I already had this Zara skirt in black (and was wearing it a lot) when I noticed that they had brought out the exact same skirt in a bright, pillarbox red. I snapped it up instantly! It was certainly worth the £30 – I have worn it loads. It looks great with striped tops and the shape is just perfect – a thick fitted waistband, and full pleats that end just above the knee. Dreamy!

Patent Flats
I’m on my fourth pair of these M&S flats! (Or maybe it’s the fifth…) Anyway, you know it’s a sign of a good pair of shoes when you buy them repeatedly! They don’t wear down too quickly, considering how often I wear them. I like that they’re structured and solidly made, unlike many other pairs of ballet pumps I’ve owned in the past which all but crippled my feet. Love these!

I guess it comes as no surprise that most of these items are black (the number one neutral!) and made from high quality materials, such as leather and wool. These are all classic, well made pieces of clothing that will last for years, which is why each one was worth the investment, no matter what the price. It’s the perfect example of thoughtful consumption in practice!

What are some of the best purchases you’ve ever made?


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