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Personality Attributes Of The Truly Stylish

What is it that separates the average mortal from someone with a flawless sense of style? How do you achieve that certain je ne sais quoi? I think it’s a combination of these 5 personality attributes.

Expressing your personality through your clothing choices takes a bit of courage. Let’s face it, some people don’t look too fondly on neon yellow tights paired with turquoise jelly wedges. If you dress differently than most, if your taste deviates from the norm and is more than just a little bit “out there”, people are going to look at you, whether you like it or not. Stand tall, hold your head up high and keep your eyes looking far ahead of you. Go about your daily business and remember that whatever you wear, even if it’s plain and simple, people will still look at you – you’re not invisible! Don’t be afraid to wear what YOU want to wear. If people are going to look at you regardless, why not? Shrug off stares and smirk at any catty comments.

I’ll let you in on a secret. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know who Karl Lagerfeld is, when the cruise collections come out, or how to wear hareem trousers. (Le gasp!) Really, when it comes to style, the only knowledge you need is self knowledge – who are you, what is your body like, and what message do your clothes send out to the rest of the world? We may be happier when we’re completely unaware of our saddlebags, bingo wings and pot belly, but how can we properly dress ourselves unless we know what our bodies look like? Take the plunge, look in a full-length mirror and assess your body shape. Focus on your good points, the parts that you like best, and learn how to dress them well – then you’ll be set for life!

If the zip on your skirt breaks, you lose a button from your cardigan or the handle of your bag snaps in the middle of a shopping trip (been there!), you need to be ready to fix the damage to your clothes. Make like a boy scout and always be prepared! At home, store all of your spare buttons, heel tips, shoelaces (and your receipts!) in a safe place. When you go out, take with you a small emergency kit of items such as: safety pins, plasters, body tape, a needle and thread, and any other bits and pieces you think you might need in case of any impending sartorial disaster. You’ll be grateful that you did!

Stylish people don’t often wear the exact same ensemble more than a handful of times. They may wear their favourite garments until they’re falling to bits, but they always wear those investment buys in a new way to keep them fresh. Scarves can be tied around your head, at your waist, or fastened onto your bag. Dresses can sometimes work as skirts, and vice versa. Rather than buying something new every week, see if you can rework the pieces in your existing wardrobe. Being stylish doesn’t require a huge budget – you can make your own clothes from scratch, raid your mother’s wardrobe for vintage goodies, and borrow pieces from friends or siblings. (Just make sure that you ask them nicely first!)

Rarely do the best outfits materialise when it’s 8:50am and you’re about to run out the front door. Ironically, the most effortlessly stylish look takes plenty of time and a whole lot of planning! Ideally, your clothes should be freshly washed and smell great, ironed or neatly folded, and hanging up in your wardrobe in some sort of order, whether it be arranged by type of clothing, colour coded, or separated by seasons. Accessories can be stored in tubs, drawers and hung up around your bedroom as decorative pieces. I find that it’s best to have jewellery on show too, otherwise I never end up wearing it! Look after your shoes by storing them in their original boxes, keeping them away from dust, and putting padding into the toe so that they don’t lose their shape. Always have at least one outfit prepared in advance, and a few of your favourites readily stored (mentally, if not physically!), to avoid a mad panic when there’s a last-minute call from your date or an impromptu invitation to a party.

What do you think it takes to be successfully stylish?


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