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What To Wear In Changeable Weather

Oh, England! I love you, but your weather leaves a little something to be desired. Last weekend, the weather was nothing but heavy rain showers punctuated with intervals of bright sunshine. Wearing a wool jacket might seem like a good idea at the start of a cloudy morning, but putting on too many layers leaves you stifling hot by lunchtime! Even worse than that is stepping out into the sun wearing jeans and ballet pumps, only to be caught in a shower and be left with soggy feet. It seems that we just can’t win! Here is my guide on what to wear when the weather can’t make up its mind.

blank Raincoat
First of all, make like Paddington Bear and get yourself a waterproof coat! It can be yellow and shiny like a fisherman’s coat if that’s your style – it will certainly cheer up those overcast days! Alternatively, if you have an office job to go to or your style is a little more conservative, a coat like this Topshop trench is ideal. Even a leather jacket would be okay for sunshine and showers, but leave your cropped denim jacket or your lightweight jersey blazer at home – you’ll be soaked through in a matter of minutes if it starts to rain!

blank Umbrella
Of course, if showers – and heavy ones at that! – are likely, there is no doubt that you’ll need an umbrella. If it’s raining when you leave the house and looks set to pour all day long, then reach for your elegant walker umbrella. (The colourful beauty pictured is from Brollies Galore!) However, should the weatherman advise you that it’s more likely to be sunshine and showers – and you don’t want to drag a tall umbrella around all day – then throw a cute, compact brolly into your bag. Yes, even if there’s dazzling sunshine when you leave the house, make room in your bag for a fold-up umbrella – you’ll be thankful for it later if the weather turns!

blank Wellies
Before you grimace at the idea of stepping out in a pair of traditional dark green wellingtons, stop! It’s possible to buy waterproof boots that are colourful and stylish – in fact, they’ve become quite a trend over the past few years. I love these ankle boots by Melissa for Vivienne Westwood. You can always stash a pair of flip-flops in your bag for when the rains stops and the sun comes out! If wearing a pair of rubber boots seems a bit much, just make sure you wear shoes that cover the tops of your feet, like a pair of brogues – no ponyhair pumps or suede loafers, please!

blank Hat
One of my friends has a bad habit of forgetting her umbrella and leaving it in changing rooms, restaurants and train carriages, so she has assigned herself a rain hat! We all know what damp, humid weather can do to a girl’s hair, so although a rain hat might seem old-fashioned, it’s a great thing to have. A waterproof hat is also a good idea if you tend to have your hands full (takeout coffee, shopping bags, etc!) and can’t hold an umbrella along with everything else. This red hat by Betmar would be so cheerful for rainy days!

blank Sunglasses
Even if it’s cloudy when you leave the house in the morning, don’t forget to take your sunglasses! It’s very likely that the sun will make an appearance by lunchtime, and you don’t want to be caught out squinting and straining your eyes. You can choose a fun style, like heart-shaped Lolita sunglasses or classic aviators with reflective lenses, but more importantly, buy a pair with good sun protection. Eyes are sensitive and need to be looked after, so choose a pair of sunnies that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. I love Ray-Bans!

What do you wear in changeable weather?


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